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Title [KSMB-SMB2024] Mini Workshop Application
Writer KSMB-SMB 2024 SEOUL Date 2024-06-18 오후 7:09:53 Hit 258
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Dear. Participant,

Mini-workshop will be held.

Community development of Virtual Tissues (OpenVT): Bridging methods and models of multicellular simulations
  Date & Time: Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 13:00-17:00 PM

                                          Co-Chairs: James Osborne, University of Melbourne and James Glazier, Indiana University
Multicellular simulations have become indispensable in understanding complex biological phenomena, from tissue development to disease progression. But the diversity in simulation methods - from agent-based models, cellular Potts models, cellular automata, lattice-free models, stochastic particle simulations, etc - poses challenges in reproducibility, modularity, reusability, and integration within multi-scale simulation. With the increasing number of digital twins projects it will be necessary for these frameworks to adopt cross-platform compatibility which will lead to broad adoption and moving these technologies out of the research lab and into appropriate areas of commercialization and regulatory adoption.
This workshop aims to bridge these gaps by focusing on the development of standards and schemas, with special emphasis on multiscale, embedded, and coupled simulation methods. Through short presentations and discussion, attendees will see the need for standardization, and the importance of sharing and reusing models.

Agenda overview
- Introduction and review of the importance of an open community of software frameworks.
- Discussion of ways to standardize descriptions of framework capabilities both for the front end user and the backend
  framework developer.
- Workflow standardization, common ways to analyze, share, reproduce simulation results.
- AI/ML integration.

If you would like to attend this mini-workshop, please apply via the link below.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.